Memory & Keepsake Baskets

Are you considering a special keepsake from a loved ones clothing or other item? Something to remind you of that special person or memory? I would love to work with you to create something unique! 
I have used many items from pajamas, t-shirts, denim, dress shirts, handkerchief's, cotton shirts, pants, sweatshirts, neckties, work shirts, flannel shirts... the list goes on. I am unable to use anything too thin or see through or too thick.
One large shirt or equivalent will make a medium size basket or smaller. For a large I typically need 2 or more. Feel free to contact me with any questions at all!!

Memory Basket Prices

Standard Baskets & Hearts:

Small $28 (4 inch base 3 inches tall)


Medium $45 (with glass bowl $50) 5"tall x 8” across the top opening 4 1/2" base


Large $50 (with glass bowl $65) 6" x 10" top opening with 5 1/2" base


Memory Etched Jar with basket $85 (with etched lid $95)


medium Memory Etched Bowl & basket $60


Large memory etched bowl & basket $75


Set of 4 coasters (4”) $25

Set of 4 Mug Rugs (6”) $30


Placemats $32


Bucket basket $55

5" tall 7" diameter


Car / Hanging Basket $60 9x 6" base and 8" tall


9x13 basket $55


Bread Basket $55


Cookie jar Basket (not including jar) $60


Floor Basket 10" base & 11" tall $125


Tote Bag $125


Mini Baskets & Hearts $20


Easter Baskets

Mini $30

Small $45

Medium $55

Large $70


Large Etched Bowl and Basket $65

Medium Etched Bowl & Basket $52


Etched pie plate and memory basket $60


Personalized buttons $10 for a set of 2


**There is a $25 additional Fee for wedding dresses


For a small or medium just one article of clothing (depending on size of clothes) For a large or anything bigger 2 or more...


** Custom sizes & Shapes available, just let me know what you have in mind!